Maxpol Heaters is a Company that started business in the year 1967 as a manufacturer of electric heting elements for plastic injection and extrusion machinery, giving way in the next decade to the manufacture of tubular elements for chemical, plastic, rubber,and packagíng industries.

ln 1982 it moved its facilities to Montcada i Reixac, a modern factory manufacturing the standard band heaters for plastic and incorporat¡ng into the productive process high density cartridge heaters, a step on increasing charges of power in small spaces.

This step forward on technologry allows us to incorporate ¡mportant clients of packaging and hot runner industry.

The evolution of plastics technology brings to us our next step, to introduce Microcoil heaters in our range of products.
Company decides to make a step forward, moving to industrial area of Barcelona
Keeping the production of cartridges and microcoil heaters