Maxpol Deliveries


The company offers several services for the delivery of our products items in stock .: delivery for our items instock is immediate, after 3 hours of formulation order our products leave the company by specialized courier companies, either charge or invoice the agency specifying our client


Avaliable in stock

  1.-  Coil heaters RH42   RH32

  2-   Cartridge heaters standard sizes

  3.-  Mgo tc for hot runner

  4.-  Insertion  TC

  5.-  Cartucho  DHD

  6.-  6X6   square tube  elements



Service urgent circuit for special pieces: 7 working days in all our products.
Normal operation to manufacture RH (coil  heater): two weeks
Normal cartridge heaters and thermocouples Service: 3-4 weeks
Super urgent circuit (fo rcoil and cartridge heater): 48.hours

Special items

We manufacture all kinds of measures were standardized from one piece to a maximum of 500 pieces.